The Latest Challenge To Wisconsin’s Voter ID Law, This Week In Washington, Wisconsin State Legislative Races

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While the national races have been getting a lot of attention, there are also key state legislative races to consider. We examine contests around the state. We check in with Harry Enten of for our weekly look at national news. And we talk to a political scientist about the latest challenge to Wisconsin’s voter ID law, being heard in federal court Wednesday.

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  • Issues Surrounding The Latest Challenge To Wisconsin's Voter ID Law

    On Wednesday a federal judge is hearing a challenge to Wisconsin’s voter ID law, centering on the ID petition process. That process is aimed at helping people who don’t have the proper documentation to get IDs to vote. In addition to the hearing, Democratic members of the Wisconsin Election Commission are asking the court to appoint new attorneys. They say the state Department of Justice would not file a report with the court on their behalf. We talk to a political scientist about the issues surrounding this latest challenge to Wisconsin’s voter ID law.

  • This Week In Washington – October 12, 2016

    Harry Enten, senior political writer and analyst for FiveThirtyEight, joins Central Time for our weekly look at the most pressing issues in national politics.

  • The Race For Wisconsin's Legislature

    It’s been overshadowed by the presidential campaign, but the state legislature is also up for grabs on election day. WPR’s Capitol Bureau Chief tell us about some of the key races around the state–and a political expert tells us what’s at stake.

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