The Lasting Impact Of Coronavirus On Work, The Phantom Super PAC, Latest Statewide Polling

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A sociology professor joins us to discuss the potential lasting changes in our work culture that may come out of living through the pandemic. Then we talk to a journalist covering the emergence of a mysterious super PAC. And we look at the results of a new statewide poll, out Tuesday.

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  • How Will Coronavirus Change Americans' Attitudes Toward Work?

    For many employees and employers, things like working from home, four-day work weeks, six-hour work days seemed implausible or out of reach prior to the pandemic. But after the big shift in work style, will a more flexible work schedules be normalized when things resume in full? We talk with a professor about what she sees as flaws in modern work culture and what shift, if any, we might see in the future.

  • What A Phantom Super PAC Tells Us About Campaign Finance

    A new super PAC reported millions of dollars in spending to the government earlier this month, but the money hasn’t made it to any vendors. We learn about the puzzling case and what it can tell us about our campaign finance system.

  • Breaking Down The Newest Marquette University Law School Poll

    We take a look at the latest Marquette University Law School poll, and discuss how Wisconsin residents feel about the state’s stay-at-home order, President Trump, Governor Evers and more.

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  • Natalie Guyette Producer
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