Korean Cooking, Virtual Class At Madison College, New GAO Report Says White House Broke Law In Withholding Aid To Ukraine

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Excerpted from MAANGCHI’S BIG BOOK OF KOREAN COOKING: From Everyday Meals to Celebration Cuisine © 2019 by Maangchi. Photographs © 2019 by Maangchi. Reproduced by permission of Rux Martin Books/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. All rights reserved.

A popular YouTube chef joins us for Food Friday to talk about Korean cooking and culture. We also talk to a professor about how a new virtual reality course played out. And we discuss the Government Accountability Office report that says the White House broke the law when it withheld aid to Ukraine last summer.

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  • Food Friday: Expand Your Korean Cooking Knowledge With the Internet's 'Korean Mom'

    One of YouTube’s most popular chefs joins us to talk about her new book, a definitive guide to Korean food, and Korea’s food-crazy culture.

  • White House Broke Law By Withholding Aid To Ukraine According To New GAO Report

    According to a new report from the non-partisan Government Accountability Office, the White House broke law when it withheld military aid to Ukraine last summer. We’ll talk to a reporter about the news and what it could mean for the Senate impeachment proceedings.

  • Madison College Wraps Up Its First Virtual Reality Class

    Students in last semester’s Digital Innovations class at Madison College got to try something new – the school’s first-ever virtual reality class. We talk to the instructor of the course about how it went, and the role he sees for VR in education.

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