Kimberly-Clark Tax Credit Proposal, Book Roundup: All About Memory And Forgetting, Uncovering The Real Causes Of Depression

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Johann Hari har written a book that is part exploration and reflection of his own experience with depression, starting with his first antidepressant at 18, and part a critical examination of expertise, research and studies all about the modern treatment of depression. We talk to Johann about the drive to write this book and what he’s learned. We also hear from one man who has read all of the latest books released related to memory– practices and exercises to improve memory ability, memoirs on memory loss, dealing with dementia and more. Additionally, we cover one news story.

Featured in this Show

  • Governor Proposes Tax-Credit Deal To Keep Kimberly-Clark Plants Open

    Governor Scott Walker has called for giving paper-maker Kimberly Clark tax incentives to avoid the closure of plants in Neenah and Fox Crossing and the loss of almost 600 jobs. We talk with an economist about what this proposal could mean, look at a Democratic-led plan involving the state’s paper industry, and consider what affect these efforts might have on the state’s economy in the future.

  • Putting the Latest Books On Memory Improvement To The Test

    One writer puts two of the latest and top-selling books on improving memory to the test. We’ll hear about his take on the latest books on memory– memoir, fiction, and non-fiction– and learn about the exercises he found fruitful.

  • What's Really Causing Depression And Anxiety?

    Millions of individuals are currently facing anxiety and depression in the United States, and many will treat their disorder with an antidepressant, to fix, what we’re told, is a chemical imbalance in the brain. But does that really tell…and solve…the whole story of depression? A guest author says we need to be looking at a handful of key factors in the way we are living today…things like being disconnected from meaningful work, other people, and even the natural world…in order to fully understand, and treat, depression.

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