Kimberly-Clark Incentives, The Homes That Came In The Mail, How To Make Bigger Decisions, Better

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Sears, Roebuck and Company [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

State lawmakers will meet after the midterms to vote on an incentive package for paper company Kimberly-Clark. We find out how support is shaping up. You may be familiar with the concept of Christmas toy catalogs, but how much do you know about ordering your house through a mail-order catalog? We learn about entire 1920’s neighborhoods made up of homes that were ordered through the mail and assembled by the families from a researcher. We also explore how our big life decisions shape our broader social history.

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  • State Lawmakers Will Meet After Midterms To Consider Kimberly-Clark Incentive Package

    Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald announced an extraordinary session of the state legislature, starting on November 12, to consider an incentive package aimed at paper manufacturer Kimberly-Clark, which plans two plants in the Fox Valley. The plan passed the Assembly in February, but its prospects in the Senate remain uncertain. Our state capitol reporter gives us the latest.

  • When You Could Order A House Through The Mail

    Before you could buy anything your heart desired on the internet, you could buy anything your heart desired in a mail order catalog– including a house. Mail order homes from companies like Sears Roebuck or Montgomery Ward would come with building plans and materials all ready for the ambition customer to set up themselves or for a contractor to be hired starting in the early 1900’s. We learn more about the houses that came in the mail from an architectural historian.

  • How We Make Decisions

    Making long-term decisions can be difficult – there’s no getting around that. We talk to a guest author about how consequential decisions shape our broader social history and discuss tools to hone our decision making skills.

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