Judge Invalidates Permits For Western Wisconsin Sand Mine, Fewer Young Girls Giving Birth In The United States, President Trump Pulls The United States Out Of The Iran Deal

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The number of girls age 10-14 giving birth in the United States has reached a record low.
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A judge has ruled that the DNR had improperly granted permits to a company planning to build a sand processing plant in western Wisconsin wetlands. A new study shows that fewer young girls are giving birth on the national level. We talk to a Wisconsin agency that works to prevent teen pregnancy about the changes. Additionally, we discuss President Trump’s decision to pull the United States out of the Iran Nuclear Deal.

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  • Why A Permit To Fill In Wetlands For Meteor Timber Was Rescinded

    The state’s Department of Natural Resources issued a controversial permit to Meteor Timber last year that would have allowed it to fill in wetlands in order to build a sand processing plant. But an administrative law judge just rescinded the permit, saying that the DNR erred in not insuring that the required mitigation efforts would be made, and by not doing as thorough a review as necessary.

  • Fewer Young Girls Are Giving Birth Nationwide

    A new report shows that the number of girls in the 10-14 age group has reached a record low. While Wisconsin only keeps pregnancy data for girls 15 and older we do know that the number of girls having babies age 15-17 has dropped by 65 percent in the Milwaukee area in the last eight years. We talk with a guest who has been working to reduce the number of teen pregnancies in the Milwaukee area.

  • President Trump Pulls The United States Out Of The Iran Deal

    President Donald Trump announced Tuesday that he is pulling the United States out of the multinational Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JPCOA), better known as the Iran Nuclear Deal. Trump argued that the 2015 deal was badly negotiated and said he didn’t want Americans to be “be held hostage to nuclear blackmail”. However, Trump’s move today could have a far reaching impact on U.S. foreign relations in the future. We speak with Stephen Cimbala, Distinguished Professor of Political Science at Penn State Brandywine, about the news today.

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