Judge Dismisses Ballot Lawsuit, This Week In Congress, The Political Education Of Mitch McConnell

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At the beginning of his political career, Senator Mitch McConnell was a moderate Republican who believed in abortion rights and unions. Now he’s the face of the ultra-conservative Tea Party. We talk to a political reporter who says this political transformation is the embodiment of what’s happening to American politics. We also find out why a judge threw out a lawsuit aiming to redesign election ballots in Wisconsin, and we learn about what’s happening on Capitol Hill this week.

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  • Judge Dismisses Ballot Lawsuit

    A judge threw out a lawsuit seeking to force a redesign of state election ballots before the November 4 general election. WPR’s state government reporter explains the basis for the lawsuit and why it was ultimately dismissed. Plus, he catches us up on where things stand with Wisconsin’s Voter ID lawsuit.

  • This Week In Congress – September 24, 2014

    USA Today Politics and Congress Editor Paul Singer joins Central Time for his weekly update on happenings in Congress.

  • Reporter Says Political Transformation Of Mitch McConnell Embodies The Transformation Of The Republican Party

    A political reporter explores the transformation of Republican Senator Mitch McConnell from a local official in Kentucky to one of the faces of the Tea Party. He makes the argument that the change in McConnell’s career embodies a larger change in American politics.

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