Joint Finance Committee Announces Decisions on DNR Cuts And More, Milwaukee Arena Plan, Volunteering Around The World, Writing Retreat

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A plan to fund the new Milwaukee Bucks arena will likely appear in the next state budget, but what does that mean for you? We discuss the details of the new plan, and how it will affect taxpayers. We also check in with our state government reporter about the latest news out of the Joint Finance Committee, which is set to announce their decisions on some of the most controversial proposals in Governor Scott Walker’s budget, including cuts at the Department of Natural Resources. Finally, we get a report on a Door County chicken coop that serves as a retreat for writers.

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  • Joint Finance Committee Announces Decisions On Controversial Issues, Just Ahead Of Their Deadline

    On Friday, the Joint Finance Committee is set to decide some of the most controversial proposals in Governor Walker’s budget, including cuts to the Department of Natural Resources and the UW System budget. WPR’s state government reporter discusses the latest news from the JFC.

  • Taxpayers May Foot Half The Bill For New Bucks Arena Under Proposed Deal

    After months of back-and-forth over how to pay for a new Milwaukee Bucks arena, it looks like state lawmakers are close to finalizing a deal. A reporter familiar with the complexities of the plan provides details.

  • Volunteering Your Way Around The World

    “Voluntourism” is a new word for traveling the world while volunteering. Our guest took his family for six months of global volunteering, which changed their outlook on the world.

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