Joan Walsh On Reproductive Rights, Eric Holder Resigns, Getting Involved In Citizen Science

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Thanks to the Internet, ordinary people around the world are collaborating on all kinds of scientific experiments. We learn about some citizen science projects currently underway. Then we discuss U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s legacy in light of his resignation and talk with Salon’s Joan Walsh about the state of women’s reproductive rights.

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  • Women Constitute Complex Voting Demographic, Says Salon Editor

    When an election season comes around, some political hopefuls inevitably stake their position on key women’s issues hoping to win over the female vote. The editor-at-large of, however, says that those politicians should know that courting women is no simple matter.

    For one thing, Joan Walsh said, it’s a mistake to treat women as a monolithic voting bloc.

    “Women are very diverse, and if you really dig down and get wonky with the numbers … there are big differences in the voting behavior,” said Walsh. “Single women tend to vote more for both women’s issues as well as economic issues that are important to women. Married women … tend to be somewhat more conservative.”

    Walsh, who is also part of a project called Lady Parts Justice, observed that voters who mobilize over women’s issues — including young people, people of color, and women themselves, particularly unmarried women — aren’t consistent about doing so.

    “These are constituencies that may turn out every four years in presidential elections — even then, not as much as we would hope they do — but they really drop off in the midterms,” Walsh said.

    Walsh hopes to increase both awareness of women’s issues and voter turnout herself through “V to Shining V,” a project that encourages women across the country to throw parties, where they can “celebrate the awesomeness that is womenfolk while drinking and laughing and plotting to toss out politicians who want to undermine them.”

    “We have to reach people who don’t necessarily think of themselves as political,” Walsh said, “Humor and culture are ways to do that.”

  • How Strongly Will Women's Reproductive Rights Feature In Election?

    Joan Walsh of talks about issues that matter most to women in the upcoming Midterm elections; particularly the state of reproductive rights.

  • U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder Announces His Resignation

    U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is expected to announce his resignation Thursday afternoon.

  • Share Something: Citizen Science Projects

    In this week’s Share Something segment, a Discover Magazine editor shares some ongoing citizen science project you can participate in right now!

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