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How do Wisconsinites feel about Governor Scott Walker and Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch? We discuss the results of our Wisconsin Survey to find out. We also check in for our weekly update on Congressional news, and look at what the Joint Finance Committee discussed today regarding the outdoors.

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  • Roadside Deer Removal Maintains State's Image, Says Outdoors Columnist

    The Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee met on Wednesday to debate whether the state Department of Natural Resources should continue funding for the removal of dead deer from the state’s roads, and discussed a proposal to increase hunting and fishing license fees.

    The committee ultimately voted to restore the $700,000 in funding to the DNR to cover the deer pickup duties.

    Gov. Scott Walker originally proposed eliminating the whole budget for paying private contractors to haul away dead deer from state highways.

    Outdoors columnist Pat Durkin said supporters of the funding restoration argued that drivers traveling along Wisconsin highways don’t want to be see the carnage across the state.

    “I think it comes back to how do you want to spend taxpayer dollars,” he said. “I think it’s one of those things that people are sensitive to it and if they’re sensitive to it, they raise a ruckus because they don’t want to be stuck with the responsibility themselves with hauling off a deer.”

    The committee also approved requiring DNR officials to develop a plan by 2017 to address an imbalance in the fund made up of hunting and fishing fees.

    Durkin said he wasn’t surprised by the proposal that calls for a $2 across the board fee increase for licenses, which he said would raise an estimated $2.1 million and possibly save DNR positions.

    “When you look at the states around us and what they charge for their hunting and fishing fees, Wisconsin is one of the better deals for hunting and fishing. Especially when it comes to non-resident fees, Wisconsin gives a pretty good bargain,” he said.

    The committee’s debate comes among proposed cuts and layoffs to the DNR, especially in its Bureau of Science Services. It was reported that 57 DNR employees began receiving formal notices that they might face layoffs, 27 of those came for those working in the science bureau.

    Durkin said anyone who is aware of Wisconsin’s heritage and the state’s reputation for wildlife management systems is probably concerned about the proposed cuts at the DNR.

    “How many people are actually translating that kind of knowledge to phone calls to lawmakers because they’re concerned? I have no idea,” he said. “But, I hear about it quite often from hunters and fisherman. They know there’s something at stake here.”

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