James Webb Space Telescope preview, UW-Madison’s native histories, What’s next for Build Back Better

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Hubble space telescope image of stars
 Infant stars still embedded in gas and dust in the NGC 346 nebula shine brightly in this Hubble Space Telescope image. NASA James Webb Space Telescope Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

An astronomy researcher tells us why the scientific community is excited about the James Webb Space Telescope. Then, we learn about a project working to record the histories of Native Americans at UW-Madison. Later, a White House correspondent updates us on the latest from President Biden on Build Back Better and COVID-19.

Featured in this Show

  • Why astronomers are excited for NASA's James Webb Space Telescope

    The launch of the James Webb Space Telescope has been a long time coming, and astronomers see it as a game-changer for space exploration.

  • Where are the Native histories of UW-Madison?

    We hear from a graduate student working to learn, and tell, stories of indigenous people who attended and worked at UW-Madison — stories that have so far been missing from the university archives.

  • Week in Washington: December 22, 2021

    President Biden will reinforce hospitals with military medical staff and provide free rapid tests as the Omicron variant of the coronavirus spreads. We look back at his address to the nation and find out where his Build Back Better legislation goes next after a key senator said he’ll oppose it.

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  • Sarah Hopefl Technical Director
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  • Tim Peterson Producer
  • Dean Knetter Producer
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