Israel-Palestine explained, Debt and long-term saving

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Protests in Israel
Palestinians take cover during clashes with Israel forces as they protest the Middle East peace plan announced Tuesday by U.S. President Donald Trump, which strongly favors Israel, in Bethlehem, West Bank, Wednesday, Jan 29, 2020. AP Photo/Mahmoud Illean

A Middle East politics professor helps explain the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Then, a financial planner and a consumer science professor join us to look at the challenges young adults are facing with high debt and difficulty saving for retirement.

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  • Understanding Hamas's attack on Israel

    On Saturday, the Palestinian militant group Hamas launched an unprecedented and deadly attack on Israel, killing more than a thousand civilians and taking others hostage. Since then, Israel has been targeting Gaza with air strikes, killing and displacing many Palestinians. An expert on politics in the Middle East provides context for the latest news in the ongoing violence.

  • How young adults are navigating debt, interest rates and long-term saving

    Young adults are facing financial challenges with higher interest rates and debt, while trying to save for retirement and homeownership. We talk to a consumer science professor and a financial planner about the economic factors involved and the best practices for long-term financial success.

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