Iraq use of force authorization ending, Video game adaptations

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F-15 after striking Islamic State in Iraq
An F-15E after striking Islamic State targets in Syria on Sept. 23, 2014. Photo: Stuart Rankin (CC-BY-NC)

The Senate recently voted to repeal the authorization for use of military force in Iraq, and President Biden suggests he’ll sign it. We talk about what it would change and what it means for the end of America’s war in the country. We also talk with a pop culture expert about why more money is going into adapting video games into TV and movies.

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  • What repealing Iraq war authorizations would mean for U.S. policy in Middle East

    The Senate voted last week to repeal the authorizations for the use of military force in Iraq, and President Biden has indicated he would sign it. We talk to a U.S. military policy expert about what the repeal would mean and how these authorizations work.

  • Mario's legacy and other video game adaptations

    Ahead of Mario’s return to the big screen, we talk about the character and game franchise’s history, and how it fits the trend of more video game adaptations into TV shows and movies.

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