Iran Protests, Bald Eagle Update, Clean Drinking Water In Wisconsin

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Bald Eagle
Bald Eagle. Photo courtesy of Bill Volkert

Almost every county in Wisconsin now reports nesting bald eagles. We talk with an expert about the eagle’s comeback in the state. We also break down two reports on drinking water quality in Wisconsin. Plus, we’ll talk about Iran’s statement accepting blame for shooting down a passenger airliner.

Featured in this Show

  • Iran Admits To Shooting Down Ukrainian Passenger Plane

    On Saturday Iran admitted to shooting down a passenger airliner that killed nearly 180 civilians on board. We look at the fallout and get analysis of the latest developments in the country.

  • Bald Eagle Numbers Show Promise For Much of the State

    Lots of good news for the bald eagle in Wisconsin, including 71 of Wisconsin’s 72 counties reporting nests. We talk with a research scientist with the DNR for the full report.

  • Breaking Down Two State Reports On Water Quality

    Lawmakers and Governor Evers are out with two new reports looking at water quality in Wisconsin. We look at the findings of both, and talk about what comes next.

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  • Judith Siers-Poisson Host
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