Iran Framework Deal, Madison Harlem Renaissance Museum, Cooking With Maple Syrup

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A museum celebrating the Harlem Renaissance opened in Madison recently, focusing on the importance of art, writing, and live performance. We discuss what we can expect from the museum in the future, and what role it will play in the community. We also learn recipes for cooking with maple syrup just in time for spring, and examine the historic framework deal on Iran’s nuclear program .

Featured in this Show

  • Historic Framework Deal On Iran Reached

    After more than a decade of negotiations, Iran and six world powers last night reached a historic framework agreement on Iran’s nuclear program. A Middle East expert provides analysis.

  • Harlem Renaissance Museum Opens In Madison

    Wisconsin’s newest museum opened last week, and it explores a period of American history that saw a huge cultural and artistic explosion in the city of Harlem. The Harlem Renaissance museum, located in Madison, looks to tell the story of that time…while showcasing the connections and ties the movement had to the Midwest. One of the museum’s co-founders joins the show.

  • Food Friday: Cooking With Maple Syrup

    It’s maple syrup season! And, while you can enjoy maple’s fragrant goodness neat, it also lends great flavor to an array of dishes. A chef and maple tapper shares tips and recipes for cooking with maple syrup.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Marika Suval Producer
  • Chris Malina Producer
  • Lara Jakes Guest
  • David Hart Guest
  • Brett Laidlaw Guest

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