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According to a new report that measures peacefulness around the world, there are fewer wars happening…but also less peace. We talk to a peace economics consultant about the report and what a lack of peace is costing the world. Then we discuss why blood donations are way down this summer, and get the latest news from Congress this week.

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  • Report Shows Fewer Wars, But Less Peace In World

    According to a new report that measures global peacefulness, there are fewers wars happening around the world, but also less peace. A peace economics consultant talks about the reasons for that…and what global peacelessness is costing the world.

  • 'Urgent Donations' Encouraged As Nation Faces Looming Blood Shortage

    Citing an 8% drop in donations over the last eleven weeks, the American Red Cross is calling for ‘urgent’ blood donations to prevent a blood shortage in the United States. A represenative from the organization talks about the reasons behind the shortage, and why people should get out and donate.

  • This Week in Congress – July 30, 2014

    Congress is winding down its session this week; USA Today’s Paul Singer talks about what legislation still has a chance to pass and what won’t make the cut.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Veronica Rueckert Host
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  • Talia Hagerty Guest
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  • Paul Singer Guest

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