International Day Of Happiness, Senator Johnson On Ukraine, Phototherapy

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Senator Ron Johnson just returned from Ukraine. Veronica Rueckert and Rob Ferrett talk to him about his call for US military aid to the nation. They also learn about the possible medical benefits of light therapy. And it’s International Day of Happiness, we’ll look into how countries are re-arranging their priorities to point them toward happiness.

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  • What To Make Of The International Day Of Happiness

    If there ever was a day to be happy, Thursday is the one: The United Nations had declared March 20 to be the International Day of Happiness, making this the second year in the row the U.N. has observed the occasion.

    But what exactly does happiness mean in this context?

    “Happiness isn’t about stuff; it’s not necessarily about having lots and lots of money,” said writer and author Lisa Napoli. “It’s about getting people to step back and pause and think differently about what happiness is.”

    Napoli said the kind of happiness she’s talking about is the kind that comes from living well — things like eating well, exercising, and spending more time with the people around us. The idea stems from the country of Bhutan, which has adopted a goal of prioritizing “gross national happiness” over gross national product (GNP).

    “Governments all around the world are following the Bhutan lead,” Napoli said. “They’re looking at ways to tweak and make more available things that make life better.”

    She said that in countries that commit to gross national happiness, people are generally better off and live happier and healthier lives.

    One thing we can do right now to be happier? Ask someone how they’re doing.

    “We don’t always take time to talk to each other about … whether we’re doing well,” Napoli said. She said that sense of community, and of being connected to each other, is something people crave but don’t always get — and International Happiness Day is a perfect time to change that.

  • International Day Of Happiness

    It’s International Happiness Day, and we’ll speak with an expert about how countries are re-arranging their priorities to point them toward happiness.

  • Senator Ron Johnson: Send Military Aid To Ukraine

    U.S. Senator Ron Johnson says the country should send military aid to Ukraine. He shows the show to discuss why he thinks economic sanctions aren’t enough, and why military aid is the way to go.

  • Light Therapy As Medicine

    Can topical infections, chronic wounds, and autoimmune diseases be treated with light therapy? Our guest scientist says it’s possible. He shares some of the findings he’s uncovered as he works at the forefront of phototherapy research.

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