Insights gained from looking at every American mass shooting, Understanding the proposal to tax the ultra-wealthy

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Police block road near Oneida Casino
Police line the parking lot outside the Oneida Casino in the early morning hours of Sunday, May 2, 2021, near Green Bay, Wisconsin. Mike Roemer/AP Photo

Researchers who’ve compiled data on all mass shootings in the United States talk about the goals of the project, what they’ve found, and ideas they have for combating the conditions that lead to these events. Then we discuss how a plan by Democrats to increase taxes on exceptionally rich people in order to help fund several massive social development, infrastructure and climate change packages would work.

Featured in this Show

  • How to stop the mass shooting epidemic, according to researchers who have chronicled every mass shooting in the US

    Mass shootings have been on the rise for the past 60-plus years. We talk to the creators of the first-ever comprehensive database of mass shootings in the United States about what their research has revealed about this pattern, and their recommendations for curbing violence.

  • The latest on Democrats' plan to tax billionaires to pay for spending bill

    Democrats are hoping to impose a new tax on the ultra-rich as part of a social policy and climate package they want to pass this week. We look at how the proposal would work, why conservatives are opposed to it, and how likely it is to pass.

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