Increase In Gun Sales, What’s Happening With The Federal Deficit

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many guns displayed on a table at gun show
A gun show in Houston. Edward (CC-BY)

Americans own more guns per capita than citizens of any other country. And this year, gun sales in the US have spiked. We’ll find out what factors may be leading to that increase. And we get the latest news on the federal deficit.

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  • In A Turbulent 2020, Gun Sales See Major Spike

    Firearm sales around the country are spiking this year, with some manufacturers reporting record numbers. We talk with an expert on the gun industry about what’s behind the increase, who’s buying, and concerns about safety and training.

  • CBO Projects Largest Federal Deficit Since World War II

    The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office announced that the federal government will have its largest budget shortfall this year, due in large part to the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ll take a look at the report and what it could mean for social programs.

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