The Importance Of Open Enrollment For Schools In Wisconsin, Seafood Friday

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A law and public policy expert explains why we should be paying more attention to the open enrollment for schools program in Wisconsin. Then we get some advice on cooking with fish from a cookbook editor.

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  • Why Open Enrollment For Schools Is A Big Deal

    Open enrollment, while it sounds uncontroversial, is actually the largest school choice program in Wisconsin, our guest argues. Through it, students in any district can apply to attend a public school anywhere in the state. We learn more about the program and what it means for families.

  • Food Friday: Cooking Seafood

    Fridays in Lent are a popular time for many people to eat seafood. In this week’s edition of Food Friday, we talk about how to prepare different kinds of fish, crustaceans, mollusks, and invite you to share your favorite seafood dishes.

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