The Impact Of Voter ID On Turnout, Why We Like To Read Celebrity Memoirs, GOP’s Likely Future

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How will voter ID laws in Wisconsin affect participation in the November election? We talk to a researcher who plans to measure its impact. We also talk to a psychologist who tells us what’s so intriguing about celebrity memoirs and get insights on what the future of the GOP will look like under a Trump or Clinton presidency.

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  • Measuring The Impact Of Voter ID On Wisconsin Elections

    The November election will be the biggest test ever for Wisconsin voter ID law. A researcher will try to measure the impact of the law on voter turnout in one Wisconsin county–he shares the questions he’s hoping to answer.

  • Why We Love Celebrity Memoirs

    Celebrity memoirs have always intrigued readers, but in recent years the memoir has become something of a rite of passage for stars. We talk to a psychologist about why we find the histories of famous people so fascinating,

  • The Future Of The GOP Under A Clinton Or Trump Presidency

    House Speaker Paul Ryan vouched work with whoever wins the presidential race in November. But political observers see him and the GOP in an increasingly difficult position. A look at what the future of the GOP looks like under either a Trump or Clinton presidency.

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