Impact Of Sand Mine Spill, Financial Literacy For Moms Facing Adversity, Doing Things Alone

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Going out to do things by ourselves might feel a bit strange, but our guest says it can be worthwhile. We talk about the benefits of solo activities and ask for your recommendations. We also hear about a program looking to expand financial literacy for mothers facing adversity. Plus, one of the day’s top news stories.

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  • DNR Tests Offering More Info On Impact Of Sand Mine Spill

    After a spill from a frac sand mine in the city of Whitehall in May, 10 million gallons of sludge flowed into nearby fields and waterways. The Department of Natural Resources found elevated levels of heavy metals in the water after the incident, but is saying there is no danger to residents or wildlife. WPR’s Rich Kremer is with us to recap the story and what’s next.

  • Help For Moms Living On The Edge Financially

    For people living on the edge financially, one unexpected expense can mean a series of setbacks that are difficult to recover from. We talk with the founder of a Dane County-based program that provides peer life and and financial coaching for moms living with limited means.

  • The Advantages Of Doing Things Alone

    Many people hesitate to go to a restaurant, concert or movie alone. And traveling solo can seem like it wouldn’t be as much fun. We find out why doing more things without company can enrich our lives and experiences.

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