Impact Of Governor’s Budget On Taxpayers, Is There a ‘Deep State’ In The US?, Poverty And Access To Health Care

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We hear from a group that advocates for Wisconsin taxpayers on the implications of Governor Walker’s proposed budget. The concept of a “deep state” is a group within a government that is directing policy. We find out whether there is one in the US federal government, and why there has been recent speculation about it. And we look at common thoughts about why people are poor, and how that can affect their access to health care and more.

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  • Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance: Walker's Budget Will Raise Spending By 8 Percent

    The Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance, a nonprofit public policy research organization took a closer look at Governor Scott Walker’s 2017-2019 budget, which was proposed last month, and says that it hikes spending by 8.3 percent. We talk to the president of the organization about the long-term affects of Walker’s budget.

  • Does The U.S. Have A Deep State?

    As the Trump administration makes charges of an obstructionist deep state affecting the success of his agenda, our guest talks about what a deep state is, how it functions, and whether or not there’s a deep state of any kind in the U.S.

  • Poverty And Healthcare: Why iPhones Aren't The Problem

    Utah Representative Jason Chaffetz (R-3) made waves last week when he told CNN that people who are low-income should consider investing in their health care over buying technology, like an iPhone. Public policy expert and lecturer Stephen Pimpare joins us to discuss why poverty isn’t as simple as choosing an iPhone over health care.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Veronica Rueckert Host
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  • Veronica Rueckert Producer
  • J. Carlisle Larsen Producer
  • Todd Berry Guest
  • Peter Feaver Guest
  • Stephen Pimpare Guest
  • Veronica Rueckert Interviewer

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