Immigration Court Ruling, Republican Party’s Wisconsin Roots, Consequences Of Ignoring Vacation Time

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A new report says Americans are taking less vacation time now than at any other point in the last forty years. We explore the effects this behavior has on employees’ health and families. Plus, the latest development in challenges to President Obama’s immigration executive order.

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  • A Setback For President Obama's Immigration Plan

    A federal appeals court has ruled that President Obama overstepped his legal authority to protect undocumented people from deportation. We find out what that means for the president’s plans.

  • Republican Party Returns To Its Birthplace For Fourth Primary Debate

    The contenders for the Republican presidential nomination are gathering in Milwaukee tonight for their fourth debate. While Wisconsin often gets a lot of political attention for being a purple state, the state actually has a deeper historical significance for the Republican Party.

    According to most accounts, the Republican Party was founded in Ripon, Wisconsin in a little white schoolhouse in March of 1854. Prior to its formation, American politics were divided between Democrats and Whigs. The dominating issue was the status of slavery as the country expanded west. The party was founded by a Whig and a Democrat, and it was the last time a new major party was developed.

  • The Ripple Effect Of Not Using Vacation Time

    A recent U.S Travel Association study indicates that Americans are taking less vacation now than at any point in the last forty years—and not only is that destroying vacation traditions, but it’s also seriously affecting children.

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