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Over 600 immigrants in 11 states were arrested over the last week. An immigration reporter tells us about the Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) latest efforts. While girls are being shown to outperform boys in many academic areas, our guest says that doesn’t mean they don’t need a support system. She joins us to talk about the obstacles that “smart girls” have to navigate and the problems with what she calls the myth of post-feminism. We also get your reactions to a dramatic Grammy award ceremony.

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  • Immigrant Arrests Put Communities On Edge Nationwide

    Immigration agents made over 600 arrests in at least 11 states in the last week. Reports say it has led to a heightened sense of fear in immigrant communities in Wisconsin and beyond. An immigration reporter tells us about the latest efforts from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency in light of President Trump’s immigration executive orders.

  • Author Examines Downsides When Girls Strive For Academic Superiority

    Girls are said to outperform boys in school. But the authors of “Smart Girls” looked into the “supergirl” drive for perfection and straight As, and found there’s a complicated downside when young women take the lead in academic achievement. Many in Western society assume that girls no longer need the leg up.

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