Husky Energy Fire Update, Animals Who Are Misunderstood, Why It’s Important To Explore Outside Your Neighborhood

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Some of the world’s most unique animals such as eels or sloths have been misunderstood over the years. We hear from a zoologist about what fascinating features we’ve been overlooking. Additionally, we get a dose of encouragement to make the extra effort to get out of our usual spaces and explore neighboring cities and towns around us and we look at the remaining questions about health and safety in Superior following the Husky Energy Refinery fire there two weeks ago.

Featured in this Show

  • Concerns In Superior Weeks After Husky Energy Refinery Fire

    Weeks after the Husky Energy refinery fire, Superior residents are asking questions about remaining safety and health concerns. We get an update from a WPR reporter based in Superior.

  • Hippos And Sloths And Eels, Oh My!

    Humans have gotten a lot of things wrong about animals over the years–with sloths, eels, hippos and others getting a bad rap. A zoologist takes an up-close look at some of the most unique creatures in the world–and clears up some misconceptions.

  • Why You Should Explore The Towns And Spaces Outside Of Your Own City

    College students often get a bad rap for spending the majority of their time in the few blocks that surround campus, but the rest of the city population may not be that great at exploring the greater area either. Our guest makes the case for visiting those nearby towns that are so close by yet so unfamiliar to you.

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