Hurricane Harvey, Witness Intimidation, Superb Sandwiches

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Hurricane Harvey is expected to be one of the most severe storms to hit the United States in 12 years. A meterologist tells us how it could affect Americans living in the Gulf of Mexico and beyond. Witness intimidation is one of the biggest challenges facing Milwaukee police investigating violent crime. We talk to the author of a series in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel telling the story of one of the city’s most brazen and deadly efforts to silence witnesses. And during Food Friday, we learn some tips on making our favorite sandwiches more exciting and tasty.

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  • Hurricane Harvey Will Be Biggest Storm In Over A Decade

    Hurricane Harvey is set to dump feet of rain on Texas, and Louisiana will be affected as well. We’ll talk with a meteorologist about what kind of impact it may have, and what the best and most useful response from federal agencies is in cases like this.

  • Food Friday: The Art Of The Sandwich

    This Food Friday, a baker tells us about the components of an ideal sandwich and how you can upgrade your favorite sandwich recipes for a desk lunch, or even a meal at home.

  • Witness Intimidation A Challenge For Milwaukee Police

    In 2015, Antonio Smith spent months trying to cover up a murder in Milwaukee by threatening and killing witnesses to the crime. Witness intimidation presents a challenge for investigators trying to reduce the number of unsolved homicides in the city. The author of a new series on intimidation talks with us about why people are often afraid to cooperate and how police are responding to the problem.

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