How US Census Counts Prisoners, Home Field Advantage, Superbugs

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The latest official numbers show that more people are getting sick and dying from superbug illnesses. We find out what they are, and why they’re getting worse. We also break down the data behind home field advantage in sports. Plus, we discuss why some critics in Wisconsin want to change the way prisoners are counted in the census.

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  • A Debate Over How Census Counts Prisoners

    A new report from the AP shows a growing political fight over the way incarcerated individuals are counted in the census – including a Wisconsin bill that would end what critics call “prison gerrymandering.” We hear more about the issue and discuss why defenders of the system say it should stay.

  • New Report Shows 'Superbugs' On The Rise – And Becoming More Deadly

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 2.8 million people are infected with “superbugs” each year, resulting in 35,000 deaths. That’s up from 2 million people and 23,000 deaths in 2013. We look at what’s behind the increase and what people can do to stay healthy.

  • Home Field Advantage By The Numbers

    Home field advantage is one of the great variables in sports, but what actually causes it? We talk with a guest about data that show crowd noise might have less to do with it than travel or officiating. He also shares why the advantage appears to be on the decline.

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