How The U.S. Military Could Respond In Syria, Reading Test Scores In Wisconsin, Are Expectations For High School Students With Disabilities High Enough?

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Results from the yearly national math and reading tests for fourth- and eighth-graders reveal that fourth-graders have lost some ground in reading scores. We hear more about the test results and what they might mean for the state. We also talk about high school students with disabilities and whether or not they are given enough encouragement and support to pursue college or other further education options. Additionally, we look at how the United States military could respond to a suspected chemical attack in Syria.

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  • How The U.S. Military Could Respond In Syria

    President Trump and military advisers are considering a military strike in Syria following a suspected chemical attack in the Syrian city of Douma this weekend. We talk to an expert about what the U.S. strategy could look like and how other countries could get involved in the Syrian civil war.

  • Wisconsin's Fourth-Grade Reading Scores Declining In National Exam

    The results from the latest national academic test are in, and reading scores for Wisconsin’s fourth-graders are dropping. WPR’s assistant news director is with us to dig into the numbers and discuss the reaction from education officials.

  • Are Low Expectations Limiting The Futures Of Students With Disabilities?

    Federal law requires schools to have transition plans, including goals for work, school and independent living, for all special education students by the age of 16. While this is good on paper, students are not always challenged to push their abilities or follow through on larger goals. We take a look at the positive aspects and the areas that could use improvement with our guest.

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