How Too Many Tourists Can Break A City, Apple And Other Tech Seeing Lower Profits, Lame-Duck Lawsuit

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While world travel can come with numerous benefits to the traveler and the destination, if we all decide to visit the same handful of destinations year after year it can take a big toll on a city. We talk about the concept of ‘overtourism’ and learn about what can be done to lighten the load on some of these popular cities. We also talk about Apple and other tech companies facing lower than expected revenue and take a look at a lawsuit filed this week that aims to overturn laws passed during a recent lame-duck session in the Wisconsin legislature.

Featured in this Show

  • The Challenges For Apple As The Device Market Changes

    Investors in Apple started off 2019 with some tough news when the company announced it would have lower than expected revenue. We talk to the Wall Street Journal’s technology columnist about why Apple is struggling right now, and the challenges they face in adapting to a changing market for devices.

  • 'Overtourism' Is Getting Worse – What Can Governments And Travelers Do?

    Tourist destinations like Venice and Barcelona see millions of visitors every year, causing strained resources and resentment from many local residents. We find out who benefits from a boom in tourism and talk about what governments can do to keep areas from becoming too “touristy.”

  • Lawsuit Seeks Overturn Of Measures Passed During Recent Lame-Duck Session

    A group of plaintiffs filed a lawsuit this week with the goal of overturning laws passed during a recent lame-duck session in the Wisconsin Legislature. We talk with WPR News’ State Capitol Bureau Chief about the details of this complaint and consider what’s ahead for it.

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