How SNAP Benefits Are Linked To The Mask Mandate, Polka DJ, Learning About ‘NFTs’ And Digital Art Ownership

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Hunger Task Force Workers distribute food at McGovern Park in Milwaukee
Hunger Task Force Workers distribute food Thursday, Jan. 28, 2021, at McGovern Park in Milwaukee. The Republican-controlled Wisconsin Assembly was poised Thursday to repeal Democratic Gov. Tony Evers’ mask mandate, a move that would jeopardize more than $49 million in federal food assistance. Morry Gash/AP Photos

A reporter and food bank manager talk about the potentially negative impacts of a struck-down statewide mask mandate on people receiving food benefits. Then we learn what inspires a new polka DJ to be… a polka DJ. And a marketing and social media expert explains what’s behind the boom in a complex digital marketplace.

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  • Supreme Court's Decision To Overturn Mask Mandate May Mean End Of Extra Food Funding

    The state Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Wisconsin’s mask mandate has put about $50 million per month of federal emergency funding for food stamps in jeopardy. A reporter explains the situation, then a food bank manager discusses the potential impact if the funding isn’t restored.

  • Meet Wisconsin's Newest Polka DJ

    A Madison woman’s love of vinyl and Wisconsin culture has her on track to be the state’s newest polka DJ. She talks with us about how she got interested in spinning polka records, and her hopes for getting people dancing at festivals in the future.

  • What Are NFTs?

    Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, have been grabbing headlines lately due to the millions of dollars some are selling for. We talk with a cryptocurrency expert to understand these digital images and their value.

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