How our favorite shows shape our world, Finding good recipes, Advice columnist Carolyn Hax

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A media expert talks about the ways our favorite shows and movies impact our lives, politics, and more. Plus, tips on finding the best online recipes. Plus, advice columnist Carolyn Hax shares how she does her job.

Featured in this Episode

  • How movies and TV shape the world we live in

    Movies and television are more than just entertainment, says the author of a new book. Using data and real-world examples, he explains how what we watch has a palpable effect on our lives and society, from biology and personal beliefs to culture and geopolitics.

  • Food Friday: The secret to finding good recipes online

    A Google search for “potato soup recipe” yields over 286 million results, but how many of those are actually worth cooking? With a glut of food blogs and websites, it can be hard to hone in on the gems. A food writer and recipe developer tells us how to sift through thousands of search results to find delicious, reliable recipes.

  • How a longtime advice columnist finds the answers

    Veteran advice columnist Carolyn Hax talks about the most difficult questions she’s received, how she approaches helping people with tough moments in life, and where she goes when she needs advice.

Episode Credits

  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Walt Hickey Guest
  • Peggy Paul Casella Guest
  • Carolyn Hax Guest

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