How old you feel, Language in the brain

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A writer helps us better understand why we don’t always feel like our age. Then, a communications professor explains how languages work in our brains.

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  • Why you feel younger in your head than you are in real life

    Research has found that on average, people over 40 think of themselves as 20 percent younger than they actually are. A journalist explains why this discrepancy between the age someone is in their mind — also known as subjective age — and their actual chronological age is so common.

  • How languages of all sorts unlock our brain's potential

    Even if you haven’t learned a second traditional language, you are probably still fluent in more than one type of communication. We talk with a language expert about how math, poetry, and other ways of thinking unleash the brain in the same way as learning a language in school.

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  • Colleen Leahy Producer
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