How Music Lessons Boost Our Brains, Next Steps In Same-Sex Marriage Case, School Lunch-Friendly Recipes

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New research shows music lessons and community music can boost learning and reading skills, even among at-risk youth. We talk to the lead scientist behind this research shares how music boosts our brains. Then we discuss the future of Wisconsin’s same-sex marriage case in light of Thursday’s ruling and get some school lunch-box recipes in our Food Friday segment.

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  • How Music Lessons Boost Our Brains, Reading Skills, And More

    Music lessons and community music programs can boost learning and reading skills, even among at-risk youth, according to new research. The lead researcher shares the ways music can boost our brains.

  • What Is The Future Of Wisconsin's Same-Sex Marriage Case?

    A Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals panel of three judges voted unanimously to overturn the same-sex marriage bans in Wisconsin and Indiana. Wisconsin’s Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen has said he will appeal the case to the supreme court. As things stand, same-sex marriages have not resumed in Wisconsin.

  • Food Friday: Lunch Box Treats

    Sending the little ones off to school this week? A guest food writer talks about great lunch box treats that are healthy and delicious, including a recipe for Chocolate Cherry Muffins.

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