How Millenials Have Become The Burnout Generation, If Election Day Was A Federal Holiday

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A new bill brought forward by House Democrats brings several changes to the way we vote, one of the major changes includes designating Election Day a Federal Holiday. We talk about why this part of the proposal has received some backlash and what might happen if this bill moved forward. We also hear from a reporter who wrote about why and how milllenials became the burnout generation.

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  • Why Millenials Feel Burnt Out On Life

    In the past, millennials have been frequently used as a way to ascribe what’s right or wrong with young people today, but by now, most millennials are well into adulthood. Millennials grew up in the cusp of change, with parenting becoming more intensive and more safety-concerned, unions fading, careers changing, financial crisis unveiling, etc. We talk to a guest about how our changing society has fed into a reality where many people of this generation feel burnt out by every day tasks and to-dos.

  • The Politics Of Making Election Day A Federal Holiday

    A new bill being proposed by House Democrats would make several changes to how Americans vote, including designating Election Day a federal holiday. But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell argued that the legislation amounts to nothing more than a “power grab” from the Democrats. We speak with Beloit College political science assistant professor Philip Chen about the politics surrounding the move and what might happen if Election Day becomes a mandated day-off for voters.

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