How Men Can Help Stop Sexual Assault, Cooperatives Bill

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A bill in the Wisconsin legislature would change the way agricultural cooperatives are allowed to operate. We talk with an opponent and supporter of the bill about how they think it would change agriculture in the state.We also hear from a guest who says men are largely complicit in a culture that allows sexual assault to go unpunished, but can also step up to help prevent it.

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  • Are Men Complicit In Sexual Assault Culture?

    Our guest says it’s time to have a national conversation about why men can be complicit in sexual harassment and assault, even when they’re not the perpetrator.

    What do you think? As a man, do you feel like you’ve done your part to interrupt sexual harassment and assault? Have you intervened personally, or have you started a conversation with other men about approrpaite behavior? Women, have you seen men either step up, or step back?

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  • Two Perspectives On Laws Governing Wisconsin Cooperatives

    A bill is making its way through the Wisconsin legislature that would change the way cooperatives in the state can choose to structure themselves and do business. We hear from both a supporter and opponent of the changes.

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