How Extreme Weather Affects Wisconsin Farmers, This Week In Congress, Returning From War

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For young veterans coming back from war, returning to college adds an extra layer of difficulty in the transition to civilian life. Our guests set out to help ease that transition, and they bring their lessons to Stevens Point. Plus, we’ll get the latest on what’s happening on Capitol Hill and discuss a new report on how extreme weather affects Wisconsin’s farmers.

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  • UW-Stevens Point Seminar Helps Veterans Adapt To Classroom

    University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is offering a new seminar this semester to help veterans transition into civilian life as students.

    “Back From the Front: Transitioning From the Military to Civilian Life” was created by David Chrisinger, an associate lecturer at the school. About four years ago, Chrisinger’s friend returned home from his second deployment in the Middle East and opened up about everything he was dealing with back on the home front.

    “I had never confronted the after-effects like this,” Chrisinger said. “I didn’t know the issues he was dealing with. I read everything I could. There were a few books that really made me understand better, or at least empathize.”

    The two continued to work together to raise awareness and money for veteran service organizations.

    After giving a lecture at Stevens Point, which enrolls roughly 300 military veterans, Chrisinger was asked if he could create a class around the concept. He spent last year putting together a syllabus, and the mission continued.

    “Part of new curriculum design here at Stevens Point is to take a first year seminar — a class to teach freshman students how to be successful in college,” Chrisinger said. “They found that this was not helpful for non-traditional students in general, and veterans in particular, because the things that veterans are dealing with are very different than what the average 17- or 18-year-old is dealing with.”

  • How Extreme Weather Is Affecting Wisconsin Agriculture

    Farmers are used to adapting to unpredictable weather, but the extreme weather events of the last few years have hit Wisconsin’s agriculture industry hard. An expert from Clean Wisconsin discusses the group’s new report, which collects anecdotal evidence of how the floods, droughts, and heat waves of recent years have hurt farmers in Wisconsin.

  • This Week In Congress – December 3, 2014

    USA Today Politics and Congress Editor Paul Singer joins Central Time for his weekly update on happenings in Congress.

  • UW-Stevens Point Seminar Helps Veterans Transition To College Life

    Veteran and author of the critically acclaimed “The Long Walk” is speaking at UW-Stevens Point Wednesday, December 3rd. His book inspired a seminar at the university dedicated to helping veterans returning from war transition to college life.

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