How Climate Change Factors Into Heatwaves Across Country, Depression-Era Travel Guides, Report On UFOs

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A roofer works on a new roof in a housing development while the sun beats down on him as the heat wave continues Thursday, June 17, 2021, in Phoenix. Ross D. Franklin/AP Photo

Heatwaves are expected across multiple states in the northwest. We talk about how climate change factors into the extreme weather, and its impact on our electric grid. Then, we hear about government-commissioned travel guides created by writers during the Great Depression. And, we discuss an upcoming report on UFOs being released by the Pentagon.

Featured in this Show

  • Heatwaves, Climate Change And The Electric Grid

    Parts of the U.S. are enduring heatwaves, with temperatures in some states expected to stay at or above 100 degrees for days. We talk about how climate change fits into the picture, and how to prepare our electric grid.

  • What the New Deal's state travel guides can teach us about America

    During the Great Depression, the government hired out of work writers to create travel guides for every state in the country. The result was as much a commentary on democracy as it was a list of sightseeing destinations. We learn about the history of the program and what made it into the books.

  • A Look At The Pentagon's Upcoming UFO Report

    Do you believe in aliens and unidentified flying objects? We’ll soon find out what the federal government thinks about them. We talk about a new report the Pentagon is set to release.

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