How To Be More Eco-Friendly With Your Outdoor Activities, Gina Haspel Nominated As CIA Chief

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NASA has officially launched the InSight lander to Mars to attempt to investigate conditions below the planet’s surface. We talk to a scientist for more information. We also discuss ways to be more environmentally friendly during your outdoor adventures this summer and take a look at Gina Haspel’s nomination as CIA chief.

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  • NASA Launches InSight Lander To Probe The Surface Of Mars

    NASA has launched the InSight lander to Mars in an effort to investigate conditions underneath the planet’s surface. We talk with a science reporter about what the mission hopes to learn, how the lander will work, and when it’s scheduled to arrive on the red planet.

  • How To Be More Eco-Friendly Outdoors This Summer

    While there are some obvious hard-and-fast rules when visiting areas of nature, such as ‘leave no trace‘ or ‘pack it in, pack it out’, there may be some room for improvement. Whether you hike, camp, bike, climb, or other outdoor activity, our eco-travel expert may have some ways you could be more mindful of environmental impact when outside this summer.

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