How To Be A Better Listener, Mac And Cheese History, Supreme Court Bans LGBTQ Employment Dsicrimination

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Beer Bacon Mac and Cheese
Beer Bacon Mac and Cheese from “Bacon, Beans and Beer” by Eliza Cross. Photo: Susan Barnson Hayward

We find out why so many people don’t feel heard, and how to be better listeners. Mac and cheese is one of America’s signature comfort foods and a Wisconsin favorite. We find out where it originated and how it changed over time. We also take a closer look at the U.S. Supreme Court’s 6-3 ruling today expanding civil rights protections to protect gay and transgender individuals from workplace discrimination.

Featured in this Show

  • A Guide To Listening More And Missing Less

    Our guest, someone who asks questions and listens for a living, says we have lost our “listening mojo” as a society. We talk to her about her new book that follows both scientific and anecdotal research she’s done into how we can all be better listeners.

  • An Ode To Mac And Cheese, A Rich History

    What is one of the most iconic processed foods of American culture was born out of necessity, earlier than you might think. We talk with a professor about the longevity of our love for the food and its rich history so you can remember it next time you reach for a box.

  • US Supreme Court Rules Workplace Discrimination Against LGBTQ Americans Illegal Under Federal Law

    The U.S. Supreme Court expanded civil rights protections to millions of LGBTQ Americans Monday, ruling gay and transgender individuals are protected from workplace discrimination under federal law. We’ll break down the decision, and talk about the surprising coalition of justices who sided with the majority.

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