Houdini The Inventor, High Capacity Well Regulation

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A proposed bill would ease up regulations on high capacity wells. A reporter tells us why it has the support of agricultural groups and opposition from environmentalists. Harry Houdini was a master showman and magician. And it was his inventions that made many of those illusions possible, which he hoped to keep secret.

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  • Harry Houdini, Inventor

    Harry Houdini was a tremendous performer and a master illusionist, but he hid his successes as an inventor to maintain the mystery surrounding his magic. And some of his secrets still remain unexplained nearly a century after his death.

  • Proposed Legislation Would Ease Regulation On High Capacity Wells

    State senate majority leader Scott Fitzgerald has proposed a new bill that would loosen regulations on high capacity wells, which can draw around 100,000 gallons of water a day. We’ll find out what the bill would change and what’s at stake for environmental and agricultural advocates.

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  • Veronica Rueckert Host
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