Holiday Debt, Taking The Best Photos, Wisconsin News Roundup

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Rob Ferrett takes a look at debt around the holidays, learns how to take the best photos, and rounds up the week’s news with WPR’s news director.

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  • Expert Photographer Shares Tips On How To Take Good Pictures

    The holiday season is now in full swing, which means lots of family memories — and family pictures — will come at every get-together.

    But how do people take a really good photograph instead of using the same poses year after year? Expert photographer George Lange has written a book filled with tips called “The Unoforgettable Photography.” He said his aim is to help readers learn to take pictures of what a moment feels like as opposed to what a moment looks like.

    In his book, Lange advises listeners to use all of their senses when taking pictures, not just their sight. He compares photography to kissing someone:

    “When you kiss someone, generally your eyes are closed, you’re so close and you open up all your other senses: You’re hearing things, you’re feeling things, you’re tasting things, and my feeling is that you should use all of your senses when you’re taking a picture, not just your eyes,” he said.

    Lange mentioned how often people take pictures of dessert now. But instead of merely showing how beautiful a dessert is, he challenges people to take a photo that shows what that dessert tastes like.

    Lange also said people need to take pictures of experiences and the story of those experiences as opposed to just photographing the posed scenes.

    “In many ways, the least interesting picture is the posed picture looking in the camera. Almost everything that happens before that moment and after that moment is more interesting and more revealing,” he said.

    More photography tips:

    • Keep moving when taking pictures. Don’t let the photographer get rooted to one spot.
    • Try taking pictures at lots of different angles — from under things, from above things, etc.
    • Don’t use the camera flash. Lange said it can be the most unflattering light available. Instead, try to use a flashlight or just use the light around.
    • Appreciate the moment.
  • Debt and the Holidays

    Americans increased their debt in the third quarter this year, suggesting a stronger economy. Our guest looks at the relationship consumers have with debt and what’s changed over the years as we head into the high-spending season.

  • How To Take Unforgettable Photographs

    The holidays are in full swing, and it’s a great time to take memorable pictures to view for years to come. An expert photographer shares his tips for taking the best photographs.

  • State News Round-Up, Thanksgiving Weekend Edition

    News Director Michael Leland joins us for a look at the top Wisconsin news stories of the holiday week, and a look ahead at next week’s special session of the legislature.

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