History Of TV Talent Shows, Late Winter Storm, Share Your Sibling Stories

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Talent shows and singing competitions have been prime fodder for television over the years. We look at the history of these shows and their enduring popularity. We also discuss a late winter storm that hit Wisconsin Wednesday. And, in honor of National Siblings Day, we invite you to share you favorite memories and stories of sibling hijinks and fun.

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  • From 'Star Search' To 'American Idol,' A Brief History Of Talent Shows On Television

    Turn on the TV these days and you’re bound to to see at least one talent competition. American Idol, The Voice, and World of Dance are just a few of the shows currently airing. It’s hard not to feel like we’re in a never-ending search for the next superstar. Our guest looks and the history and enduring popularity of these shows.

  • Late Winter Storm Hits Wisconsin

    Wisconsin was hit Wednesday with a powerful storm that caused rain, snow, and sleet across parts of the state, and is expected to drop close to a foot of snow in far northwestern Wisconsin. We talk to a meteorologist about conditions, and what’s in the forecast for the rest of the month.

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