History Of Epidemics And Society, Going Back To Gyms?, New Small Business Grants

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We discuss the history of certain epidemics that struck humanity and the cultural developments that came out of them. We also talk about the difficulty of being hesitant about returning to the gym. And we look at new grants to help small businesses in the state recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Featured in this Show

  • A History Of Epidemics And How They've Changed Humanity

    Epidemics affect more than health. A historian examines how these crises have shaped the arts, science, the environment and more, from the Middle Ages to the present.

  • Gym-goers Eager To Get Back, But Some Putting On The Brakes

    As stay-at-home orders are lifted, many businesses are opening back up to public use and visits. Gyms and fitness centers are included in that mix. We talk with a fitness columnist about why she won’t be rushing back to the gym once they re-open, despite how much she misses her lifting routine.

  • New Grants To Help Wisconsin Small Businesses Recover From COVID-19

    The state is making cash grants available to small businesses in Wisconsin to help them recover from the coronavirus pandemic. We look at how the $75 million package would work and how businesses can apply.

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