High School Voices In Wisconsin Life’s “Classroom Frequency,” A Summer Movies Guide, JFC Boosts Medicaid Funding

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We hear some high school voices from Monona Grove Liberal Arts Charter School in a series from “Wisconsin Life.” Then with Memorial Day behind us, we head to the movies with a critic’s guide to summer films. And we look at a vote on the state’s budget writing committee to increase Medicaid funding.

Featured in this Show

  • JFC Republicans Vote To Boost Medicaid Funding By $590M

    Lawmakers on the state’s budget writing committee have voted to approve more Medicaid funding, but rejected an expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. We discuss the vote and a new partnership between state agencies aimed at enrolling more Wisconsinites in health care plans.

  • Wisconsin Life's 'Classroom Frequency' Brings High School Voices To The Air

    During the past school year, students at the Monona Grove Liberal Arts Charter School created pieces for WPR’s “Wisconsin Life” series. We find out what stories they pursued ahead of a special program featuring their work.

  • 2019 Summer Movies

    Disney/Marvel’s mega-movie “Avengers: Endgame” is already in theaters, but the summer movie season is just beginning. We talk with a movie critic about some of the biggest and best films to see this summer.

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