Heinz And Kraft Foods Merge, Congress Update, “The End Of College”

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As the cost of going to college continues to rise, universities and technology entrepreneurs have been looking for ways to make higher education more accessible for everyone. Our guest tells us what higher learning might look like in the future. We also review the latest news from Congress, and talk to the Central Time economics correspondent about the news that Heinz and Kraft are merging.

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  • Merger Of Heinz And Kraft Is The Beginning Of More Big Company Mergers

    On Wednesday food giants Kraft and Heinz announced they would merge, creating one of the world’s largest food and beverage companies. Central Time’s economics correspondent discusses the new and why he thinks we can expect to see more big company mergers in the future.

  • This Week In Congress – March 24, 2015

    USA Today Politics and Congress Editor Paul Singer joins Central Time for his weekly update on happenings in Congress.

  • The End Of College: Creating The Future Of Learning And The University Of Everywhere

    A renowned education policy expert explains how higher education is being revolutionized in light of rising costs, a flagging economy, and technological innovation.

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