Healthcare Enrollment Numbers, Weekly Congress Coverage, Policing Black Communities

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A Madison group has asked for the opportunity to self-police black communities, and while the department won’t go that far, it does welcome more communication with residents. We hear from a member of the Young, Gifted, and Black group that made the request, and a Madison police officer. We also check in for our weekly update on Congress, and find out how many people signed up for private health insurance during the latest open enrollment period.

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  • Healthcare Enrollment Numbers Exceed Expectations

    The open enrollment period for acquiring private health insurance through the Affordable Care Act ended on Sunday. Over 11 million Americans signed up, exceeding White House expectations. Our guest reacts to the latest numbers and shares what he thinks is driving more people toward signing up for health insurance.

  • This Week In Congress – February 18, 2015

    USA Today Politics and Congress Editor Paul Singer joins Central Time for his weekly update on happenings in Congress.

  • Madison Police Department And Black Community Activists Talk About Race, Criminal Justice

    Tensions over the policing of Madison’s black communities have been on the rise since last fall, when communities around the country began protesting in the wake of Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson. Madison’s police department is currently holding community meetings, where these tensions are being voiced.

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