Healthcare And The Poor, Blood Brother Documentary Coming To Wisconsin, Talking About PTSD

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Rob Ferrett and Veronica Rueckert talk about how the Affordable Care Act will affect the poor in Wisconsin with a health care advocate. Then, with the director of documentary “Blood Brother” coming to Wisconsin next week. And, we’ll speak with a veteran about P-T-S-D.

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  • Experts Offer Advice On Signing Up For New Health Care Exchanges

    This week marks the kick-off of the health care exchanges under the Affordable Care Act, and many Wisconsinites are looking for individual coverage are searching for coverage plans.

    Bobby Peterson, founder and executive director of ABC for Health Inc., said there have been some opening-week problems for the new health care exchange website as it was flooded with people checking out health care options — and with reporters seeing how it worked. He said the initial problems shouldn’t deter people from seeking coverage. His advice?

    “Take your time,” he said. “It’s not something you have to jump on right now.”

    He said that people need to meet the Dec. 15 application to avoid delays in coverage.

    Peterson said people with health problems should also get reviewed for disability coverage. He said this might be especially important for people currently in Wisconsin’s high-risk insurance pool. He also suggests parent make an effort to stay in the same plan as parents if at all possible.

    Dan Schwartzer, the state deputy insurance commissioner, said uninsured people should start with a visit to to check out rates and find out if they qualify for subsidies. He said they shouldn’t stop there because many providers haven’t listed all of their coverage products on the federal website.

    “Even if you qualify for one of the subsidies, we then recommend you pick up the phone, contact a local agent or broker, have them shop the other carriers that aren’t displayed on the exchange and then find out what the best plan is for you,“ Schwartzer said.

    He added that it’s possible to find a better plan on the outside market, even if the individual qualifies for a subsidy.

  • How Does The Affordable Care Act Affect The Poor?

    An expert from a public interest law firm in Wisconsin explains how the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will affect poor communities in the Badger State and what they’re doing to spread information about the new law.

  • Documentary Film: Blood Brother Screens at Milwaukee Film Festival

    The documentary film, Blood Brother is the story of an American touring in India who meets a group of children with HIV and decides to stay and devote his life to them. We’ll be talking with the film’s director. The film closes the Milwaukee Film Festival, Thursday October 10th at 7:30, and shows the following week for a one night screening October 15th at 7:30 at the AMC Star Cinema in Fitchburg.

  • How We Talk About PTSD–And How It Feels

    A lot of what we think about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder may be wrong. Central Time’s guest is an author and military veteran diagnosed with PTSD; he talks about his experiences and what they tell us.

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