Hazing culture, ‘Price Is Right’ logic

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Northwestern Wildcats head coach Pat Fitzgerald was fired following an investigation into hazing allegations within the football program (AP)

We talk to a hazing researcher about the latest scandal at Northwestern University and how to prevent it. Then, an author shares his new book on what we can learn from the decision-making processes used on the TV game show “The Price is Right.”

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  • Why hazing still happens and how we can prevent it

    Northwestern University fired its head football coach after a recent hazing scandal on his team. A professor who researches hazing joins us to explain what leads to hazing and how to stop it from happening.

  • What 'The Price is Right' can teach us about our own decision-making

    Having reached its 50-year anniversary, The Price is Right is the longest-running game show in television history. In that amount of time, thousands of contestants have had the chance to win big, and patterns have emerged in how those players apply strategy to the games. We talk to the author of the new book, “Solving The Price Is Right,” about his mathematical observations from the show, and what they can tell us about our own real-life decision-making.

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