Haspel Likely Confirmed As CIA Director, Exports In Wisconsin’s Economy, Women In The Trade Field

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A female truck driver at the Tallyrand Marine Terminal in Florida.

While employers in construction and trade jobs struggle to find enough employees, women only make up just 4 percent of the national workforce in natural resources, construction and maintenance. We talk to a guest who says women have great potential to fill these jobs, but often don’t realize it. We also take a look at how important exports are to Wisconsin’s economy and discuss this week’s national news.

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  • This Week In Washington – May 16, 2018

    Gina Haspel’s confirmation as CIA Chief looks likely today after she labeled the agency’s enhanced interrogation program as a mistake and gained the support of two Democratic senators. In the House, Speaker Paul Ryan is dealing with multiple Republican immigration bills, and primaries in multiple states last night have set up this fall’s midterm races. We talk with a Washington reporter about these stories and more.

  • Wisconsin's Exports And How Trade Negotiations May Affect Them

    The Trump Administration has made dealing with international trade deals a top priority, but what could these changes mean for Wisconsin’s economy? We talk to a professor from UW Madison’s department of Agricultural and Applied Economics about the significance of the state’s export industries.

  • Construction Boom Means More Opportunities For Women In Skilled Trades

    Women make up an estimated five percent of Wisconsin’s workforce in construction and the skilled trades. However, a boom in the building market means there are more opportunities to get involved. A construction expert and educator joins us to talk about her experience in the trades and how she’s working to get more women into the field.

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